If you have stated when registering that it is an individual account, then you can launch your training from your personal profile. With an organization account you first have to link a purchased training course to a student. This student may be you, but you may also assign a student whom you link to the training course. For example, this may be a colleague.

You do this as follows:

  1. You log in to www.onlineitcourses.com.
  2. You will now see a variety of menus on the left-hand side.
  3. In the 'Course & student management' menu, choose the option 'Manage student access to courses'.
  4. You may now link the training to your user, or first create a new student. You link a training course by indicating with a checkmark which student should be linked to the training course. Do not forget to save.
  5. From that moment the linked training course is available in the student's personal profile under the heading 'My courses'.
  6. You launch the training course by clicking on the name.
  7. You get to your personal profile by clicking your own name at the top of the screen.

Have we already received your payment?

Training courses are accessible once we have received the payment. With an online payment (credit cards, paypal etc) this will be immediate. If you opted to pay through an invoice, the training course(s) are available once we have received the payment. You will receive an e-mail once we have received your payment.